About Us

About Nuffield

Welcome to Nuffield Supplies – a fast-growing supplier of workwear and high-performance safety gloves in the UK.

Through our range of high quality and durable safety gloves, we help businesses across a range of sectors protect their most important asset – their staff.

Safety in the workplace is paramount and should never be overlooked. That's why we price our gloves competitively, to ensure quality safety wear is accessible for every organisation.

The Nuffield Promise


High Quality Products

Our mission is to ensure people are safe at work. We only supply high quality products which are fit for purpose, long-lasting and accessible for every organisation.


First-Class Service

We believe that our customers deserve the best service. Our team achieves this through hard work,  honesty, transparency and collaboration.


Environmental Protection

It's everyone's responsibility to do their bit to protect the Earth. We only source long-lasting products from environmentally conscious suppliers.


Nuffield Supplies' heritage dates back to 1974, when our sister company, Oxford Leathercraft was founded.

The founder of Oxford Leathercraft initially helped produce prosthetic limbs for Nuffield Orthopedic Hospital, as back then they had leather padding and straps


As the business grew it diversified into making cases to protect industrial and medical instruments.

Since 2006 Oxford Leathercraft has focused on consumer products and is a leading UK manufacturer and importer of belts supplying both retail and industrial sectors.

It is in the DNA of the business to adapt to changing markets and customer needs. 2020 was a perfect example of how agile the company is.

Nuffield Supplies was born as an offshoot company during the Covid 19 pandemic and positioned to supply existing and new clients with products in short supply.

Fastrack to now Nuffield Supplies is registered with BSIF and is the first/only main distributor of Lebon gloves in the UK.