Gloves for Logistics

Logistics operatives come into contact with a wide variety of goods of all materials, shapes and sizes. Due to the fast-paced nature of the industry, and when manually lifting, carrying and transporting goods accidents can happen and cause a range of injuries to your hands.

Nuffield Supplies' high-quality range of safety gloves for the logistics industry are comfortable, soft, yet durable enough to combat the conditions at the depot, on the road and when lifting goods.*

*Each glove range differs in standards, please check the product specification before ordering.

Featured Gloves

“Lebon gloves are great for us because of their dexterity!”

—  Electrical contractor based in Londonderry


Why Nuffield?

Nuffield Supplies is a leading supplier of safety gloves in the UK.

With competitively priced products,  stock ready to dispatch and a passionate customer support team, we help organisations protect their most valuable assets; their staff.

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